When most North Americans open a tap, they take it for granted that clean, safe water will come out.

As drought, flooding, and climate change restrict freshwater supplies, the demand for freshwater from growing populations and energy production continues to increase. As a result of reduced supply and increased demand, freshwater supplies are not keeping pace with demand. Your family’s water may come from your own well or from a local water treatment facility, but regardless of the source, it is not unlimited or free and may not be safe to drink.

Camel Water has developed elegant, easy to use products and solutions that address many of the problems created by systemic water supply shortages and increased demand. The Camel Water Cycle is a complete system designed to drastically reduce freshwater consumption, enrich depleted aquifers and limit storm water runoff. The Camel Water Cycle accomplishes all this by collecting rainwater and other non-traditional sources of freshwater, recycling used freshwater (greywater) and processing waste water from toilets, kitchen sinks and dishwashers (blackwater) so it can safety be used for irrigating lawns, plants and trees.


No. 1 – Source Water CollectiRECYCLE2colorNBBon.  Water is obtained from all available sources such as rainwater, well water, ground water, melted snow and Municipal water supplies. Coarse filters remove debris and sediment from the water before it’s stored in the Source Water Storage Modules. The water’s pH can be adjusted at this stage if required.

No. 2  – Two Step Filtration and Ultraviolet Purification (NSF 55 Certified).  This stage draws water from the Source Water Storage Modules and produces completely safe water for drinking, cooking, food preparation, personal hygiene, and washing dishes. This water is stored in the Potable Water Storage Module. The potable water is drawn as necessary and heated as required by a Tankless Water Heater.

No. 3 – Grey Water Recycle Loop (NSF 350 Certified).  The Grey Water Recycle Loop includes an Aerobic Bio-Reactor and an Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) system that continuously recycles sanitized greywater resulting in zero levels of Total Dissolved Solids and E-coli and Coliform bacteria. Greywater from bathroom sinks, showers, bath tubs and washing machines is continuously recycled through the Grey Water Aerobic Bio-Reactor. The recycled water in this closed loop system can be safely used for showering, bathing, washing clothes and flushing toilets. This Grey Water Recycle Loop reduces freshwater consumption by 65-75%. Water leaving this loop through toilet flushing and evaporation is replenished from the Source Water Storage Modules.

No. 4 – Black Water Aerobic Bio-Reactor.  The Blackwater stage consists of an Aerobic Bio-Reactor and Pump. Water from toilets, kitchen sinks and dishwashers is sent to the Camel Black Water Aerobic Bio-Reactor which emulsifies and recirculates solids and creates a bio-reaction that digests waste materials, turning them into a clear, odorless liquid suitable for sub-surface drip irrigation. In addition, the bio-reacted clear wastewater acts as a fertilizer encouraging plant growth while restoring depleted aquifers. When this bio-reactive clear liquid is introduced into an existing sewer system or septic field it dissolves the bio-film that builds up, making the sewer system and septic field more efficient, preventing clogs and septic field failure.