Camel Water Oasis

Self-Contained – Free Standing – Attractive

Oasis Front

Camel Water Oasis© makes it easy, attractive and convenient to collect and conserve water. The unique, self-contained, free-standing Camel Water Oasis© rainwater harvesting system kit is ideal for your backyard or any green-space where you would like to have an attractive garden bench that collects and stores rainwater to use for watering plants, lawns and trees. The model shown here stores over 70 US Gallons of water in a functional and attractive structure. Other Oasis models have over 190 US Gallons of storage capacity.

Attach a hose to the Camel Water Oasis© for watering nearby plants, trees and grass or fit it to a drip irrigation system to make the best use of the water and reduce the need for hand watering. Using a drip irrigation system with the 70 US Gallon capacity Camel Water Oasis, the Oasis can provide a typical garden with water for longer than you might think.

The Camel Water Oasis© is a unique combination of a rainwater harvesting system and an attractive seating area protected from the sun and rain. In addition to being a comfortable place to sit, the 72 inch long bench provides lateral support for the structure. The supporting posts are constructed of wood. The roof panels are metal and the lattice, gutters and pipes are PVC.

The possible uses are endless and include:

  • Residential Properties
  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Parks
  • Community Gardens

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The Camel Water Oasis© kit has a suggested retail price of only $1499 and requires assembly.

In the illustration below the rear lattice has been removed to reveal the three Camel Water Storage Modules and the first flush clean water collection system.

Oasis Rear

The Camel Water Oasis©is manufactured in the United States of America.


Height: 99” (ground to peak of roof)
Width: 96” (at roof) – 84” (outside faces of posts)
Depth: 64” (at roof) – 30” (at bench)
Weight with empty tanks: 300 lbs.
Measurements and weight are approximate