Camel Water Storage Modules

Camel Water specializes in modular, ultra slim rainwater harvesting systems that can be easily installed or built into in a confined space. The elegant design of our innovative products overcome many of the problems and high cost associated with traditional rainwater storage tanks, cisterns and barrels. No need to install those large, unsightly barrels and tanks, or pay for costly excavation and installation of underground tanks.

We make it easy, inexpensive, attractive and convenient to conserve and use water wisely. Camel Water’s modular systems provide a unique, cosmetically appealing, functional and earth-friendly way to conserve and collect nature’s most precious resource.

All Camel Water Storage Modules are made from high quality materials. Unlike storage tanks made of other materials, our modules require almost no maintenance. The seamless one-piece construction and superior inert qualities of Camel Water Storage Modules make them extremely leak resistant. Our ultra slim, easy to carry, lightweight modules provide one of the best and safest methods to store liquids and are designed to last a lifetime.

Camel Colors


Whether it’s rainwater, potable water, greywater, or fuel, Camel Water’s innovative storage module design makes our storage system usable in virtually any configuration (vertical, horizontal, lying flat or stacked). Suspend Camel Water Modules between the joists of your deck or put them in the crawl space under your home. Place Camel Water Modules in walls, ceilings, under floors, under decks and along foundation walls.

Each Camel Water Module has two 1” threaded brass inserts at the top and bottom to ensure easy, secure attachment of connectors, vents, and outlets. These modular screw together fittings allow you to use the modules repeatedly, redeploying them to suit your changing requirements. Camel Water Storage Modules are very compact, and easy to install using common hand tools. No heavy lifting required. A Camel Water module weighs less than 45 lbs. Storage capacity is easily expandable, one module at a time. Add as many modules as required without using heavy lifting equipment or paying for expensive site preparation.


Camel Water Modules are moulded using FDA compliant, food grade, high strength-to-density ratio polyethylene (HDPE). HDPE is one of the best materials for long term outdoor use. Camel Water Modules are manufactured in the USA with Ultraviolet (UV) light stabilizers that provide excellent UV-stabilization to significantly reduce the rate of degradation from sunlight.

Camel Water Red Fuel Storage Modules go one-step further – made from high-density crosslinked polyethylene, or XLPE, that is specifically designed for critical applications like chemical storage. XLPE has 20 times the environmental stress crack resistance of HDPE, 5 times the impact and tensile strength and superior chemical resistance.

Camel Water Storage Modules are available in four standard colors. The colors can provide a quick and easy way to identify the modules’s contents. In addition, if a module was used at one time for fuel or greywater you may not want to store potable drinking water in it. Using colored storage modules can greatly reduce the chance of accidental cross contamination.

Tanks 14 inch sizesTanks 22 inch sizes






















The thin profile of Camel Water Tanks is perfect for architects and other designers who wish to incorporate rainwater collection into their designs. Camel Water Tanks fit into spaces where other tanks do not. Not only are our 22” wide tanks sized to fit between joists spaced at 24-inch centers but our 14” modules will fit in even smaller spaces and can provide over 40 US Gallons of storage in each module.



15 14” 3.5” 16 lbs. 141 lbs.  $189
24 14” 5.5” 19 lbs. 219 lbs.  $239
32 14” 7.5” 23 lbs. 290 lbs.  $269
41 14” 9.5” 26 lbs. 368 lbs.  $289
24 22” 3.5 26 lbs. 226 lbs.  $239
38 22” 5.5” 29 lbs. 346 lbs.  $279
51 22” 7.5” 40 lbs. 466 lbs.  $339
65 22” 9.5” 44 lbs. 586 lbs.  $389

There are eight different modules available ranging in capacity from 15 US Gallons to 65 US Gallons. Weights and capacities are approximate. Listed prices are suggested retail only. Actual prices will vary.  Shipping and taxes are not included.